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Vision, Mission and Fundamental Values


Championing human rights for all, with a special focus on economic and social rights. We aim to defend these fundamental values and make a lasting impact.


The Phenix Center works to spearhead a development model in Jordan that embraces democracy and human rights principles. Our priority is to reform labor policies, eliminate barriers to trade union organizations, bolster social protection policies, and establish databases for sustainable development. We do this through a range of activities, from conducting in-depth research and producing thought-provoking papers to organizing conferences and advocating for change. We also empower key players in the development process to drive meaningful progress.

Fundamental Values:

  • Respect of Human Rights Principles.
  • Respect of Good Governance Principles.

About us:

The Phenix Center for Economics & Informatics Studies is a non-governmental organization dedicated to independent policy research and measuring public opinions on impactful current and emerging issues in areas of economics, society, and its legislative environment in Jordan. The Center was founded in Amman, Jordan in 2003 under the registration number 142203.