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“Phenix” successfully concludes labor market studies training for VTC employees

The Phenix Center for Economics and Informatics Studies, in collaboration with the World University Service of Canada, has successfully concluded a targeted training program for the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) employees.

The training, conducted under the project “Women’s Economic Linkages and Employment Development Project (WE LEAD),” aimed to enhance the skills of VTC employees in preparing sectoral analysis studies for the future labor market and aligning these studies with the future of vocational programs. A total of 20 male and female employees participated in the training.

During the program, participants were introduced to the concept of the “labor market” and its indicators, emphasizing the importance of meeting the needs of the business sectors.

The training covered various types of studies, methods, and survey research patterns used to analyze the labor market and assess professional requirements. Descriptive study methods, including survey research and its different types, content analysis methodology, case study methodology, comparative methodology, and qualitative methodology, were covered in-depth, focusing on their application to labor market studies, particularly in the sectoral context.

The training program provided participants with a framework for developing study objectives and research questions, defining their scope, and determining factors. It also equipped them with methods for determining sample size and frameworks, accessing reliable and relevant information, reviewing existing studies, and enhancing research tools.

Moreover, the program emphasized the selection of appropriate research samples for sectoral analysis studies, identification of primary and secondary sources of data, exploration of data collection methods, and the utilization of available secondary sources for quantitative research in labor market studies.

Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of different types of samples in scientific research, their selection methods, and their relevance to the study objectives. The training also highlighted the temporal, spatial, and human limitations of research, explaining the distinctions among scientific research tools commonly employed in sectoral labor markets studies, such as questionnaires, interviews, focused discussion sessions, observation, and the formulation of pertinent questions for each method.

Additionally, the program focused on the analysis of available secondary data and sources for qualitative research in labor market studies. It included the examination of labor market trends, expectations, competency gaps, and the required skills.

The training program successfully demonstrated how economic sectors contribute to the gross domestic product and fulfill labor market demands. Participants analyzed sector-specific characteristics, growth trajectories, and competency gaps, including the technical, technological, human, and cognitive skills necessary in each sector.

The program concluded by evaluating labor market supply and demand, identifying opportunities and challenges, and providing guidance on developing study recommendations, considering specific conditions and requirements.

This training initiative represents the second phase of a comprehensive study conducted by the Phenix Center, aimed at identifying economic sectors with significant potential and available job opportunities.

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