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“Phenix” Held Training Course for Civil Society on Advocacy and Lobbying

The Phenix Center for Economic and Information Studies held a two-day training course in Amman for civil society organizations on advocacy and Lobbying. .

The course aimed to build the capacities of civil society organizations regarding the concept of gaining support and its role in activating advocacy processes for local community issues. It was attended by 20 representatives from five organizations in East Amman.

The training also aimed to provide civil society with the necessary practical skills in gaining support and lobbying, building networks, and conducting campaigns to create a real impact in local communities.

The training course focused on empowering organizations representatives with knowledge of effective strategies, objectives, and steps for gaining support, as well as practical exercises on how to implement successful and impactful advocacy campaigns.

It addressed the importance of advocacy and gaining support campaigns and their role in bringing about positive changes, whether in policies, legislation, or practices.

This course came in response to the lack of capabilities in many organizations to carry out successful advocacy and support-gaining campaigns for the issues they care about in the local community.

During the course, organizations representatives presented the challenges and obstacles they face when implementing support-gaining and advocacy campaigns, such as identifying the issue, the target audience, building the campaign vision, and preparing an action plan.


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