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Phenix concludes training on employability skills in Karak


The Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies concluded a training last week for youths aged 18-24 in Karak on employability skills, in collaboration with Vigilance for Democracy and the Civic State.


The training, titled “Employability Skills Training”, lasted four days in two groups, with the participation of more than 30 young men and women facing many challenges which hinders their participation in the labor market.


The training, provided by trainer Nimr Rabah, addressed the focus of personal and professional communication skills, which he defined as connection and communication and their categories, elements and skills. The training also addressed the importance of human communication and the characteristics of an effective communicator.


The second session focused on personal strategic planning, as participants were introduced to the concept of planning, its importance, benefits, principles, successful planning steps, fragmentation of strategic objectives, and how to conduct evaluation and follow-up.


The personal footprint and success industry session also introduced the qualities of a successful team and the seven habits of success, as well as how to earn acquaintances and employees and affect people.


The last session focused on personal and functional time management, in terms of time analysis and information collection, planning and setting goals and priorities, organized and effective delegation and workplace regulation, as well as general implementation advice and effective oversight methods.


This training is part of a project on “Increasing the legal awareness and economic empowerment of youth in Al-Karak governorate”, which aims to economically empower young men and women aged 18-24 in order to ensure that they receive social protection.

Youths in the governorates in the South of Jordan, including Karak, face many challenges that hinder their involvement in the labor market. The increase in unemployment rates, combined with the lack of awareness of the legal framework governing the labor market and workers’ rights, deepens these challenges that hinder youths’ capacity to build their future.

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