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Phenix concludes awareness sessions for enhancing youths’ employment choices

The Phenix Center for Economics and Informatics Studies concluded awareness sessions on Wednesday, titled “A Road Map to Employment” that directed the youth to choose specialities and skills that lead them to better employment.

The awareness sessions are part of Oxfam’s Youth Participation and Employment Project as part of the Danish-Arab Partnership Program for youths between the ages of 15 and 25. The sessions aimed to raise youth’s awareness on which majors are in-demand in the labour market and to avoid majors that are saturated, as well as to raise their awareness on existing challenges in the labor market.

Hadeel Al-Qudah, of the Phenix Center team, said the sessions included 20 youths per session both males and females in four governorates: Tafila, Balqa, Madaba and Karak. The sessions introduced the youths to challenges and opportunities in the labour market, by offering examples of sectors that remained active during the Coronavirus pandemic, such as e-commerce, programming, and most technological work.

Al-Qudah pointed out that the program directed participants to choose precise and niche college majors, not just broad majors, as well as the need to learn skills that would add to their knowledge in the field and make them stand out as job applicants.

Participants benefited from a study conducted by the Phenix Center on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on youth employment in Jordan and access to decent work.

This coincides with the announcement made by the Civil Service Bureau on stagnant majors in the labour market.

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