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Phenix Center Concludes Training Activities for the Youth Participation and Employment Engagement Project

Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies has concluded training activities held for the Youth Participation and Employment Engagement Project, conducted in partnership with Oxfam under the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme and with the cooperation of the Jordanian Ministry of Youth.

The closing session, which has held over the Zoom online platform, presented the most significant of the 8-month-long project’s phases and activities. This included hosting over 30 awareness-raising sessions for young men and women in the Provinces of Karak, Madaba, AlTafila, and Al-Balqaa on how to select academic and professional majors appropriate to the needs of the labor market.

The session also presented the success stories of young men and women who participated in the project and started their own initiatives. These success stories included a youth-led initiative that aims to boost tourism in Salt and Madaba through promotional photography, a business for the repair of women’s cellular devices, and a fashion design business.

Ahmad Awad, the director of Phenix Center, stressed the importance of partnership with national institutions, represented in the successful collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and youth centers in the governorates targeted in the project. Awad also added that the design of the training program was built on the findings of studies and policy papers prepared by the Center before the training sessions began. These studies found that there is a need to raise the awareness of young people on how to choose academic and professional majors, and to strengthen their capabilities and skills in order to allow them to improve their job opportunities in the labor market.

Rola Abu Al-Rub, the Project Manager at Oxfam, said that the aim of the project is to empower young people to be active members of society, and that training young people on how to choose majors appropriate to their abilities and aspirations is important to reaching this aim.

Issam Al-Diyat, Head of the Youth Centers Department at the Ministry of Youth, emphasized the significance of the cooperation between the Ministry and Phenix Center, which embodies His Majesty’s vision of establishing partnerships between the public and private sectors, and referred to the Ministry of Youth’s endeavor to establish partnerships with active civil society organizations.

The objective of the youth participation project is to enhance the life and technical skills of young people to become more engaged members of society. The project has also aimed to increase the capacity of employers, organizations, and society to support and employ young men and women, in addition to encouraging open dialogue and cooperation between youth groups, public and private institutions, and the business sector.

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