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Jordanian Labor Watch Calls for Wage Increases to Help Workers Afford New Doctor Fees

The Jordanian Labor Watch has called on the government to implement measures parallel to the recently published increase in medical doctors’ fees. These measures would enable workers, particularly in the private sector with average and low incomes, to afford these increases in healthcare costs.

In a statement released today, the Labor Watch emphasized that if the government has increased doctors’ fees in the private sector by 60% over three years, it should also raise workers’ wages to help them cope with these new burdens and ensure their right to healthcare as guaranteed by the International Bill of Human Rights and the fundamental principles and rights at work—international labor standards.

The statement also noted that this significant increase in doctors’ fees would negatively affect citizens’ ability to afford healthcare costs. Without a corresponding increase in workers’ wages, it will exacerbate the economic burdens on a broad segment of the population, especially as they are already struggling with successive price increases on various goods and services due to the implementation of unfair tax policies, such as indirect taxes (general sales tax, special taxes, and customs duties). This has led to salary erosion and weakened purchasing power for many citizens.

Furthermore, the Labor Watch warned of the negative effects of these new doctors’ fees increases on private sector health insurance, where insurance companies may reduce health services or raise the prices of health insurance policies.

This could lead to a decrease in the number of people covered by health insurance, particularly in small and medium-sized companies, as a means to alleviate financial burdens on these companies.

The Labor Watch asserted that this rise in medical fees prices comes at a time when the public healthcare system is facing issues that hinder its performance. The government is urged not only to fulfill its regulatory role but to ensure that citizens’ rights to healthcare are maintained.

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