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Reforming the Wage Policy is a Step Towards Strengthening the Economy and Reducing Unemployment- Ahmad Awad

Ahmad Awad In recognition of International Labor Day, which falls on May 1st each year, it is pertinent – and topical- to discuss the labor market and the challenges it faces, in addition to the continuous erosion of basic workers’ rights that both male and female workers are confronted with across many sectors in Jordan. The inequalities present in the ...

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Demands to Reform the International Monetary Fund- Ahmad Awad

Ahmad M. Awad Several key issues were discussed during the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Spring Meetings which took place in Washington, D.C. some of which have been discussed in the previous article, “The International Monetary Fund and World Bank Spring Meetings: Questions and Concerns.” While the meetings have concluded, much work remains to be done to reform the ...

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IMF & World Bank’s Annual Spring Meetings: Concerns & Questions

Ahmad M. Awad Dozens of civil society organizations, research centers, and independent experts raised numerous questions and concerns with the management of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, during the Spring Meetings recently hosted by the two influential economic institutions in Washington, D.C. This time around, in addition to issues traditionally raised in these meetings, the participants representing ...

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As a foreign woman in Jordan, I have the freedom to choose not to care what people think. My Jordanian friends don’t

Anna Sting As a European woman in Jordan, I enjoy many freedoms my Jordanian female colleagues and friends do not. With my pale skin, brown hair, and seemingly European demeanour, I get away with a lot of things that would be inappropriate for a Jordanian woman. My white privilege protects me from expectations that a lot of my Jordanian peers ...

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Reflecting on the Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank

Ahmad M. Awad This year’s Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank concluded a few days ago, which take place in October of each year. They are the stage where country delegations, IMF departments and the World Bank gather to debate current economic issues and negotiate the provision of different kinds of assistance and associated conditionalities. The recent ...

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The International Monetary Fund and Social Inequality

Ahmad M. Awad Governments around the world – including the Government of Jordan – must take heed of the warning sounded by the International Monetary Fund in its recent report, published just a few days ago, on the ongoing levels of socio-economic inequality.   The warning, issued by an international financial institution that has been one of the most stringent ...

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